• 1- Idea

    A great idea is the seed of everything without a doubt, however, before it can become an efficient project we need to know what it's prupose is and who will be the end users by asking: Who? What? When? Where? and Why? Once we know the answers to these questions we can move onto the creation of prototypes.

  • 2- Prototype

    Without the creation of a prototype it is difficult to visualize how the application will truly function. To allow this visualization we employ wireframes. Wireframes give us a clear idea how the application will look and function in each device. User stories and prototypes are perfect in saving time and money by allowing us to identify problems before they arise.

  • 3- Graphic Design

    Let us give life and color to our idea. During this fase we can redefine the elements of a mockup until we arrive at a design that you, our clients love. Once we finish adding the final touches we are ready to begin development of the mobile application or website.

  • 4- Application Development

    Let us code! The simple proces of organization is the key to success of our projects. We follow the Agile methodology and international software development standards to create incredible mobile applications and websites in a competitive timeframe.

  • 5- Application Testing

    "Whenever necesary", that is our philosophy. We do not launch a product without it first being thouroughly tested. Our QA team revises and tests the requirements and design of the app from it's beginning through to it's end. We develop alongside our clients the perfect app! Our focus on using the Agile model allows us to continuously test our performance and construct a working product right from the beginning.

  • 6- Launch

    When this moment arrives we go all out. Depending on our clients needs we launch the product on the web or in the mobile app stores such as Apple's App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. In relation to mobile applications we take charge of making sure that the app passes all the quality controls put in place by each store. We possess a developer's certficate for each store that guarantees the upload of all of our products.

    Over 500 apps and websites in total in the aformentioned stores and online and make us experts in mobile application and website development!

  • 7- Continued Improvement

    Even when the app hits stores or the website goes live we continue working to improve it in every possible way always thinking of your next update. We know by heart the the implementation cycle and use user feedback to our favor to contatly improve your app or site.